Help support the music through ongoing donations. Being a full-time independent musician at my level isn't possible without fan-patronage. In order to live and create music and tour and record albums, I need your help. You can be a part of the art I make through joining this crew of sea-dwelling-salty-creatures. Since 2009 my art has been made possible by the people that have decided to get behind my art in this way. Some stayed a year and some have been here since the beginning and are going strong. I appreciate them all, not only for making my art possible, but for reminding me that it has value. You pick your level and your reward. Every level gets a special exclusive SURPRISE GIFT (ex: limited edition T-shirt or hand printed poster) once a year, plus the extras of your choosing!

If you prefer to give at a level not listed here, email zoeboekbinder (at) 



For $5 a month, Jellyfish will receive digital copies of all my recordings before they are released. They will also get one free concert admittance per year. 



For $10 a month, Octopus will get everything above plus physical copies of all albums released and free admission to two shows per year.



For $20 a month, Narwhals will receive digital copies of all recording before they are released plus one of each: album released, t-shirt design, and tour poster. These members will also get free admission to all shows with the possibility of bringing guests (depending on guest list availability). 









Giant Squid

For $30 a month, Giant Squid will receive the same bonuses as Narwhals as well as one song by request a year, written by me. 

Angler Fish

For a whopping $50 a month, Angler Fish will receive all the bonuses plus a credit on my next album and a private concert once a year. (Either location must be along tour route or travel must be compensated.)