Can I give you gifts to help me smash the patriarchy? I want to give you access to my virtual living room, where I share my personal writings, feminist reflections, videos of songs in process, photos etc. See below for details - join me and my feminist collaborators!

Here is a way to amplify the artists whose message you agree with. The music industry is still largely run by rich, straight, white men. Because I’m queer and politicly outspoken, I won’t get picked by them. I am unwilling to tow that line, so I’m going about this a whole different way. I’m asking you to lift up my music and what it stands for. The simplest way to do that is to fund my art with a monthly subscription. Each level comes with its own set of bonuses.

When you decide what level to choose, please think about how much you want to end rape culture, consent violations, and objectifications of women’s bodies. Please think about how much you want to end slut shaming, queer shaming, and oppression of people’s true identities. Together we can create a world that is fair and just for for EVERYONE, but I can’t do it without your help. Don’t subscribe at a level that is more than you can afford, and please do subscribe at the level that is as much as you can afford! You don’t have to be rich to smash the patriarchy! Lift up queer women!

Every level gets a special exclusive SURPRISE GIFT (ex: limited edition T-shirt or hand printed poster) once a year(ish), plus the extras of your choosing! Thank you for lifting up feminist music and being a part of creating a culture that is safe for everyone!

Goal: 150 patrons

Current: 90 patrons contribute $906 monthly.


Jellyfish $5 /month

This is a badass thing to do to support my art. Thank you! As a Jellyfish, you will receive digital copies of all my recordings before they are released. You will also get one free concert admittance per year. 


Octopus $10 / month

Thanks for believing in my art! In exchange, I will send you the art you help me make! As an Octopus, you will get all digital AND physical copies of all albums released.

Sea Turtle $15 /month 

For this serious level of support, I will send you digital and physical copies of all albums released plus your name (or whatever they want to go by) will be listed at the bottom of this page.


Narwhal $20 /month

This is significant support, thank you! As a Narwhal, you will receive digital copies of all recording before they are released plus one of each: album released and t-shirt. These members will also get free admission to all public shows.


Giant Squid $30 /month

Shape shift into a Giant Squid and I will send you all albums released and any new t-shirt designs, free entry to all public shows, as well as one song by request a year, written by me. You get to choose the theme/topic/subject! Just the song is a $300 thing plus you get the other goodies!

Angler Fish $50 /month

This is serious support you are offering! Thank you! I will send you all the albums and the new shirts, free entry to all public shows, plus you will get a credit on my next album PLUS a phone or Skype call with me once a year.

Seahorse $75 /month

I’ve always strongly identified with this creature… maybe its because the females don’t carry the babies or give birth. They are gender bending warriors, like me. Become a seahorse and you will receive all the albums, shirts, free show entry, album credit, yearly phone date with me, plus a video of me performing a song I've written of your choosing, dedicated to whomever you wish. (You can redeem this once per year.)


Lobster $100 /month

Lobsters (a creature which is biologically immortal, in fact) will receive all of the above plus one private concert every year!!! If location is not along my tour route, you gotta get me there. (This can also happen via Skype.) 

Merperson $250 /month

This is some serious fucking support you are giving me! Thank you! You get all the things including a private yearly concert PLUS a monthly phone or Skype call with me (in which I will likely gush a lot about how super grateful I am… but also I will sing for you or whatever else you want within reason). What we do on our calls is up to you - we can play music together!

Merdragon $500 /month

Holy shit! You are paying my rent (or really half my mortgage, but same idea). You get everything a merperson gets but you can call and text me whenever you want and I will do my very best to respond because I am so indescribadly grateful to you. ALSO, you can write a setlist for a show. I will live stream that show so you can watch (if you aren’t there) and I’ll give you a shout-out from stage!

Merwitch / Merwarlock $1000 /month

Wow you are really making magic for me now! Let’s make art. Let’s eat food. Let’s hug. I’ll send you naked selfies (maybe). Also I will send you all the things… so many things. Will you marry me? I’m not really into the idea of marriage because I’m way too distractable… but… could be worth trying.

If you prefer to give at a level not listed here, email zoeboekbinder (at)

Thank you to my deepest of sea creatures: 

Charles Roussel, Michael Barnstijn, Mac Wubben, Jeremiah, Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Nick Schultz, Ashley Kurtz, Brandon Hayman, Clara Masters, Christopher Legg, Christopher Sauro, Erica Soileau, Guillaume Sancey, Lisa Waters, Shana Williams, Mark Anderson and Tabetha Wallace.