Help support the music through ongoing donations. Being a full-time independent musician at my level isn't possible without fan-patronage. In order to live, create music, make music videos, tour and record albums, I need your help. You can be a part of the art I make through joining this crew of sea-dwelling-creatures. Since 2009 my art has been made possible by the people that have decided to get behind it in this way. Some stayed a year and some have been here since the beginning and are going strong. I appreciate them all, not only for making my art possible, but for reminding me that it has value. I would love to have health insurance, a retirement plan, the opportunity to one day own a home - or even just to feel confident that I will be able to make rent each month. I've never earned enough to have these things, but with this patronage it is looking more and more possible. I believe that art is crucial to our world and am dedicated to making it. If you are able to support me in doing that, I will be very grateful. 

You pick your level and your reward. Every level gets a special exclusive SURPRISE GIFT (ex: limited edition T-shirt or hand printed poster) once a year(ish), plus the extras of your choosing!

Goal: $2,000 monthly

Current: 79 people contribute $798 monthly.



For $5 a month, Jellyfish will receive digital copies of all my recordings before they are released. They will also get one free concert admittance per year. 



For $10 a month, Octopus will get everything above plus physical copies of all albums released.

Sea Turtle 

For $15 a month, Sea Turtles will get everything above plus their name (or whatever they want to go by) will be listed at the bottom of this page.



For $20 a month, Narwhals will receive digital copies of all recording before they are released plus one of each: album released, t-shirt design, and tour poster. These members will also get free admission to all shows.






Giant Squid

For $30 a month, Giant Squid will receive the same bonuses as Narwhals as well as one song by request a year, written by me. 

Angler Fish

For a whopping $50 a month, Angler Fish will receive all the bonuses plus a credit on my next album.


For $75 a month, Seahorses will receive all the bonuses plus a video of me performing a song I've written of your choosing, dedicated to whomever you wish. 



For $100 a month, Lobsters (a creature which is biologically immortal, in fact) will receive all of the above plus one private concert each year!!! If location is not along tour route, travel must be compensated. 

If you prefer to give at a level not listed here, email zoeboekbinder (at)

Thank you to my deepest of sea creatures: 

Charles Roussel, Michael Barnstijn, Mac Wubben, Jeremiah, Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Nick Schultz, Ashley Kurtz, Brandon Hayman, Clara Masters, Christopher Legg, Christopher Sauro, Erica Soileau, Guillaume Sancey, Lisa Waters, Shana Williams, Mark Anderson and Tabetha Wallace.